What is Performance Marketing?

What is social commerce?” but maybe it should actually be called “Do you want to make some money?”

Social commerce is an $89.4 billion market right now. It’s projected to grow to $604.5 billion in the next seven years.

If you’re a business with products or services to sell, this info probably makes you feel like that dollar-sign-eyes-green-tongue emoji.

Curious about how you can get a chunk of that change? We’ve got you covered. Read on for social commerce 101.

What is meant by the term” Social commerce”? Is it the other name for making money and getting known?

Social commerce is the new gold mine where every trader/business house irrespective of size or nature of the business can get access to the required audience, be known within a short span of time, expand and excel in their respective endeavor.

Social commerce an approx. The 90-billion-dollar market now is all set to expand by over 7 times in another seven to eight years. Imagine it as your money-making machine or your key to success, the future of marketing is defined by the role played by social commerce.

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