What is Performance Marketing?

A-Z of Performance Marketing?
The very idea of Performance Marketing is all about striking the right balance between the first party i.e the seller/ merchant. They both would like to see high turnover from sales proceeds, the second party, and the Affiliates or the publisher who designs a win-win strategy, an opportunity for the retailer/seller/merchant to achieve the highest and quickest ROI-Return of investment. Measuring the performance of goods and services directly with the marketing initiatives taken by respective affiliates/publishers/promoters, in short, “target marketing based on its performance” is known as Performance marketing.

Marketing performance can be measured using several yardsticks like the number of successful downloads of a merchant site by customers, the number of registrations or views by prospective customers, number of genuine leads generated, completed sales of goods/services, number of genuine bookings, and the popularity of a sales platform, display site.

Performance Marketing is the right cocktail of commercial advertising, which the sellers pay for, and the marketing professionals who are responsible for brand promotion. The marketers are usually paid when the desired targets are accomplished, and the marketing actions are in place.

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